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Linden, United States

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Age: 38


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Personality: Sensitive

Women are like apples - decorating an apple tree.
The sweeter ones are at the top -  for all the men to see.
   Some of the men fear reaching - for the riper ones at the top,
   Fearing they might fall to the ground - with a gigantic flop.
They often search among less sweeter ones -  scattered all around,
Hoping to find a compatible mate - laying on the ground.

  The apples on the ground - are as happy as can be,
Having all the men - flurrying around for them to see.
The sweeter ones at the top - think that something is wrong, 
Not having men strutting about - with a mating song.
So they improvise a way to stand out - to encourage the right one's embraces, 
By wearing tight fitting jeans - and painting up their faces.
 So when it's apple picking time - and sweet apples are found high and low
Cherish the apple fate has made for you - and by God's Grace may your love glow.
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